celebration cakes

Layer cakes.tailored for your event.


Make your cake super special, choose a flavour below or customise to suit your event.

All cakes can be made Vegan, refined sugar free and gluten free (will include some changes in appearance and price

Prices Start from £50

Ready Salted 7" £65 (serves 12)

Vanilla cake with salted caramel cream filling, covered in vanilla bean frosting and dripping in salted caramel. Topped with toasted marshmallows, pretzels, honey almond chocolate bark and drizzled with more chocolate.


Red V7" £50 (serves 12)

Classic Red velvet cake, cream cheese mousse filling, covered in vanilla frosting and topped with cake crumbs and red sprinkles.


Peanut Butter 7" £50 (serves 12)

Chocolate and peanut butter swirl cake with peanut butter mousse filling. A marshmallow, peanut butter and caramel centre covered in peanut butter frosting. Decorated with peanut butter cups, peanut brittle and bark, chocolate buttons.


Guiness Punch 7" £65 (serves 12)

Chocolate guiness cake enriched with spices, layered with a light vanilla cream cheese filling and covered in vanilla frosting. Topped with ginger biscuit truffles, chocolate buttons, cinnamon crisp.


Frou Frou 7" £65 (serves 12)

Cherry velvet cake with rose and raspberry mouse filling, decorated with Macarons, gold white chocolate buttons, pink sprinkles and pink cake truffles.​


Rich Biatch 7" £60 (serves 12)

Extremely rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and covered in a dark chocolate ganache. Topped with a white chocolate drip, gold chocolate buttons, chocolate bark, wafers and white chocolate swirls.


Twinkie 7" £50 (serves 12)

Vanilla sponge soaked in syrup filled with whipped vanilla cream, topped with sprinkles.


Chocolate Malt 7" £60 (serves 12)

Alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate mud cakes, malted milk cream filling and malted milk ganache. Topped with white chocolate and dark choc ganache and chocolate cereal.


Praline 7" £65 (serves 12)

Chocolate and hazelnut cake layered with praline mousse and covered in chocolate ganache. Topped with chocolate hazelnut buttons, Ferrero Roché, chocolate hazelnut bark and praline drops.


Rainbow Bam 7" £50 (serves 12)

5 layers of multi coloured velvet cake with light creamy filling covered in white buttercream. Decorated with candy rainbows and chocolate rainbow splatter bark.


Oreooooh 7" £55 (serves 12)

Vanilla Oreo cake with chocolate mousse filling, covered in vanilla frosting. Decorated with crushed Oreos, Oreo pretzel sticks, chocolate covered Oreos. White chocolate and Oreo brick.


Lemon & Raspberry 7" £50 (serves 12)

Lemon cake layered with a raspberry mascarpone mousse, lemon verbena butter cream and decorated with fresh raspberries, raspberry mousse and white chocolate drip.​


Raspberry Rebel 7" £60 (serves 12)

Raspberry and Chocolate Chip cake with a raspberry jam and vanilla cream filling. Covered in vanilla frosting and topped with fresh raspberries, chocolate bark, white chocolate buttons, heart sprinkles and white chocolate raspberry hearts.


Trophy wife 7" £55 (serves 12)

Alternating layers of Red Velvet and Vanilla cakes, vanilla mascapone cream, grapefruit, covered in buttercream with a white chocolate drip.


It's Yo birthday 7" £65 (serves 12)

Vanilla cake with sprinkle laden vanilla cream filling, covered in vanilla frosting. Topped with homemade jazzies, rainbow drop bark, more sprinkles, chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top.


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